Seasoned ground beef, onions, and parsley rolled and grilled to perfection. Served with fresh pita bread, cucumber yogurt sauce and tabouli salad.


Chicken breast tenders marinated with onions, lemon juice and other seasonings. Grilled and served with fresh pita bread, cucumber yogurt sauce and salad.



Chick peas & spices ground, then rolled into a patty and fried until crispy & golden brown. Served with salad, Tahini sauce & pita bread.


Stuffed Grape Leaves:

Grape leaves individually rolled with ground beef, seasoned rice, lemons, garlic and onions, and then cooked in a tomato based sauce. Served with a delicious cucumber yogurt sauce.


Macaroni Bechamel:

Macaroni mixed with creamy bechamel sauce, then layered with seasoned ground beef and topped with more delicious bechamel sauce.  Then baked until golden brown.


Layers of delicious phyllo dough brushed with butter, stuffed with a sweet mixture of nuts and spices, then drizzled with a simple honey syrup.  Baked until flakey and golden brown.


Mango or Guava Juice:

Cold and delicious Mango or Guava juice are an Egyptian Favorite.  Try a can today!

fresh mango     fresh guava

Turkish Coffee and Mint Tea

For a nominal fee you can enjoy Turkish coffee and/or mint tea throughout the day.

Pleast notice that the hot beverage station is located inside the banquet hall.